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Motion Hatch Podcast 


Motion Hatch 


Project Type:

Visual Identity and Production







The Motion Hatch Podcast aims to help creatives build up their business and find new ways to enhance their earnings.


Audience Breakdown: 

Employees, Contractors and freelancers who are seeking business advice in the creative industry.


Age: 25-40 age range

Countries: United Kingdom, United States, Canada


Roles and responsibilities:

Working closely with Founder of Motion Hatch, I helped build up the visual language and brand essence for the new emerging podcast in the creative industry.


I was hired as a marketing designer and production assistant for the podcast. My day to day tasks varied depending on upcoming shows, evergreen content we wanted to promote or build a visual brand for new courses for our listeners. 


As a marketing designer, I had the task of updating and growing the Motion Hatch brand to translate into different platforms and mediums. Understanding the importance of social media for the startup and how to funnel in an active audience through our communications. 


I worked closely with Hayley to design new email comms and bespoke journeys as well as building the brand pack for the podcast release, which includes the following:

  • Twitter, Facebook and Instagram creatives

  • Landing page Designs

  • Email comms such as Podcast release and bi-weekly newsletter

  • Paid Ad Visuals

  • Website Design Update and UI Kit build

  • Pinterest Story Outreach

  • Print Merchandise


As well as designing the creatives for the podcast, I had the opportunity to build a visual identity for upcoming courses which reflected the motion hatch essence but could stand out without the support of the podcast.