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Project Type:

Lead Marketing Design



August 2021 - Present




Raylo is here to change how people get their tech for good. That means giving consumers access to the smartphones and tech they really want, but in a responsible, sustainable way. Raylo provides effortless circularity – every device gets an extended life through our automatic cycle of refurb, reuse and recycle. 


Audience Breakdown: 

B2C: Tech lovers looking for a smarter and more sustainble way to get their tech.

Age: 18+

Countries: United Kingdom


Roles and responsibilities:


  • Delivering ideas, concepts and execution for all marketing collateral

  • Working with both consumer and professional target audiences through Raylo and Raylo Pay. 

  • Owning brand guidelines and ensure consistent branding across all channels and managing external agencies.

  • Collaborating with marketing, product and development teams as well as external agencies

  • Increasing response rates and retention by delivering engaging and relevant designs

  • Co-managing and leading the creative direction of National TV Ad 

  • Providing images, illustrations, info-graphics and videos for content pages and social media

  • Managing and curating content made my influencers and other content creators

  • Build up concepts for marketing campaigns and pushing the brand to stay up to date with current consumer trends. 

  • Photography and video resourcing and editing 

  • Design and Building email journeys and increasing open rates and click rates. . 

  • PPC Landing page builds for A/B testing as well as SEO Landing pages. 

  • Work closely with the DEV and Product team to maintain brand expectations in all our products.